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Customized interior design chains

Our company Cates srl, has been producing for many years in the Legnano plant many types of chains and galvanic treatments.

Each type of chain (balls, percil, diamond cut, sheared, twisted) can be supplied in different diameters and with various galvanic finishes (for example: chromed, black nickel, gold plated or antique silver, burnished, copper, polished brass, stainless steel, etc. …) according to the interior design project that you want to achieve.

It is possible to obtain a totally personalized and unique product for each customer.

The chains become elements of furniture

In collaboration with arch. Laura Muggiasca, we have imagined and developed a new project, to create panels that declined the chains in a different way, hypothesized as elements of stand-alone furniture or of fluid subdivision between several areas of a certain space, or simply paintings for both residential and commercial.

With the same philosophy of the curtains, we want our products to be 100% customizable projects by the client or the interior designer, choosing both the different finishes of the panels (lacquered, resin, paints with material textures …), and the various chains ( customizable in diameter and finish) also designed with different assembly plans.

All that remains is to realize your creation.

Contact us for any information, we will be happy to study together with you the realization that best suits your interior design needs.

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